We encourage students to enroll at the beginning of the year. Our Dance Year starts in August and ends in May.

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Class Descriptions

Tiny Tots

For children ages 18 months – 3 years old. Sing along and interactive dance helps baby learn motor skills essential for development. Child is supervised by an adult who will assist in the activities.


See the dance world through the eyes of a 3 and 4 year old. Here your child will master essential motor skill development and will be introduced to Ballet and Tap technique.

Beginning Dance

For dancers 5 and 6 years old. Ballet and Tap technique is enriched with new vocabulary and primary skills to develop proper technique and performance ability.

Level 1-4

For dancers who have an understanding of  basic skills and want to improve and develop stronger technique. Ballet is the primary subject with Tap and Jazz enhancing their dancing fun. Placement based on ability, execution and skill level.

Level 5

For dancers with a strong understanding of basic and intermediate skills and technique. Ballet is the primary subject and Pointe work is introduced when dancer shows control and strength while executing terminology. Tap and Jazz are offered on additional days. Placement is based on ability, understanding, execution and skill level.

Level 6

For dancers displaying a strong understanding of basic and advanced skills and technique. With Ballet being the primary subject, majority of Dance 6 students have an understanding of Pointe work and have a longer Ballet class than other levels. These students are often older and more experienced in dance education and performance. Tap and Jazz are offered additional days and are highly recommended.


Advanaced dancers wishing to train like professionals can be approved for Pointe and Pre-Pointe work. While strengthening their core and ankles, these dancers will learn, improve and perfect ballet technique while working “en pointe.” This class is taken iin addition to an hour of ballet technique and students must be approved for class entry. 


For the dancer that wants to move and groove to current music and dance trends while learning rhythmic movement. Age appropriate and lots of FUN!


This class incorporates elements of Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing, balance and contraction/release. Modern Dance forms allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes.

Dance Acro

Students wishing to improve basic control and flexibilty using acrobatics. Intense stretching and muscle tone while demonstrating control and balance. For intermediate and advanced dancers. Beginners may join as long as they show an understanding and can demonstrate basic acro skills on their own, i.e. cartwheel, back bend (bridge), hand stand. This class is NOT intended for dancers with little or no acrobatic exeperience.

Performance Company

Once students have shown dedication and commitment to the art of dance, they will go through a series of prep classes to prepare them for performances and competition. Students must attend the company workshop during the summer and have been enrolled in ballet the year prior to joining company. Dancers will also be required to attend the STADT convention held in November (weekend before Thanksgiving).

Competition Company

After attending the performance workshop and learning a series of skills and routines, these dancers will audition for a place on the competition company. These dancers will be required to be in the Performance Company in addition to competiting with this company. Dancers will attend the STADT convention in November, as well as the competition in February. Additional conventions and competitions may be announced at a later date.


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